3rd Thursday WPA Talks

3rd Thursday WPA Talks Webinar Series

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, WPA brings you 60 Mins of intimate Q & A time with some of the poker industry’s best from both sides of the felt.  Poker Room Managers, Tour Directors, Tournament Directors, Pro Players, Shooting Stars and people to watch in the poker world.

Even if the LIVE Webinar doesn’t fit into your schedule, members may return to the WPA website to listen to the recordings at your leisure.

When is it?

Dates of the 3rd Thursday WPA Talks for 2018 are at 5:30 PST:  November 15th and December 20th.

Our Moderator

Donna Blevins

3rd Thursday WPA Talks are moderated by Donna Blevins of BigGirlPoker.com.  She has been in the poker industry for many years as a columnist, author, public speaker, poker player and coach.  Her current field of study is in the power of Mind Shift.  You can learn more from her book MindShift on Demand.

November’s Guest – Terry King – Nov 15th, 2018 5:30PM PST

Terry moved to Vegas right after graduation. Her roommate taught her how to play poker. Terry’s first game was .25 ante, $1-5, 5-card draw at the Golden Nugget. She eventually quit her legal secretary job to play $1-3 stud at the Dunes every day. When she FINALLY turned 21,she went to work dealing at Silver City. First game she dealt was $3,000-6,000, with Major Riddle and Shoeshine Nick. It was the wild, wild West! and had a gun pulled at the table – Had a gun put to her head, mid-pot, while dealing!

Terry won a WSOP bracelet in 78, and was one of the first women to deal main event that year. She dated Chip Reese right after that. She has played poker at every level and has also dealt, run tournaments, run shifts, and hosted games. She moved back home to Oklahoma 7 years ago to help her ailing for Mom. Sadly, she passed away a few months ago and Terry has returned to Vegas!

Terry is an admin for the Real Grinders Facebook poker group and posts vintage pictures every day. She’s looking forward to revisiting some of these places!

Covering the following topics:
– Dealing “back in the day”
– Stories of the old timers in poker
– Chip Reese & More

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