Take Advantage of Those Casino Comps!

It was the middle of August and I received an email from The Golden Nugget offering a free cruise for 2.  The letter stated I just needed to come to the Golden Nugget the last weekend in October to receive my cruise.  I live in Ohio and was skeptical of the deal. So, I called the number listed in the email.

The customer service person was extremely patient with all my questions.  Am I in a drawing for this cruise? Do I have to pay for a room at the Nugget? Is there a catch to this offer? She assured me that there were no catches. She even upgraded my room for the weekend.  I booked my room and reserved my flight with my airline miles. Read more about Take Advantage of Those Casino Comps!

An Ode to Mom!

Like many of you, I’ve been playing cards since I could hold them and count. Let’s just say “I was better at counting than at holding them”. I initially learned to play 5 Card Draw from my mom. I learned to love gambling from her as well. There was nothing more important and fun for my mother than going to Las Vegas! She loved the “One arm bandits” the most. This was before all the computerized random number generated machines we see today. Playing for hours on nickel slots wishing for three 7’s was like crack to an addict. My Mother loved casinos! Read more about An Ode to Mom!

Be the Change you Want to See in the World

Women are always a minority in the poker world unless it is a Ladies Only Event. Recently I played a mini River Poker Series, $150 NLH turbo tournament on Thursday at our closest casino Winstar at Thackerville OK. Out of 160 entrants there were about 25 women! That was encouraging. My first table had 3 women sitting at it, all very nice and very good players. We lost one woman early due to a bad beat and she graciously said “good hand” and “good luck everybody”.  I know she was fuming a little but you would never be able to tell it. Read more about Be the Change you Want to See in the World

Bring on the Newbies!

Friends in Las Vegas gather for poker night.

Thousands of women play poker. Why don’t we see more women at the tables more than 10 years after the poker boom?

My story in poker is similar to many women’s story.  As a child, poker was played as a family pastime. We played mostly 7 card stud around the kitchen table with my siblings, and on rare occasions, my father.  Read more about Bring on the Newbies!

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